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The squid game: the tutorials that triumph on YouTube | Digital Trends Spanish

By now, even those who have never seen a single chapter of the series can identify the already iconic characters from The Squid Game, now – or at least for now – part of our collective imagination. Unmistakable proof of this has been the appearance of multiple tutorials The Squid Game that triumph on YouTube explaining how to properly craft the must-see costumes and accessories of 2021.

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Because the series is full of references to South Korean culture, such as children’s games or typical food, some of which are not known outside of the Asian country, different users of the video social network have been given the task of explain how to prepare them.

From how to cook the sugar cookies, make the masks that the soldiers use or make the paper tokens to enter the game, these are the best tutorials of The Squid Game that triumph on YouTube.

Cheap and fast mask

If you need a last minute costume for Halloween or want to make a cosplay in a few minutes, know how to make a mask The Squid Game EVA foam could be an excellent alternative. Using free PDF templates, this tutorial shows how to design the skin. While not 100 percent accurate, it is a quick and inexpensive solution to getting out of the way and having a little fun.

Soldiers mask

If you have more time and resources, this tutorial from Jette Crafts guides you through the process of making a mask for the in-game soldiers. You only need cardboard, black paint, paper, glue, a mesh of yarn, glue and braces. The user also makes available to his viewers the mask design and the geometric figures that distinguish soldiers, so they can be printed.

Dalgona or sugar cookie

To overcome another of the events, players must cut out the figure that is in the center of a ppopgi or dalgona, a snack very popular with South Korean children and resembling a sugar cookie. If you want to make your own cookie, you just need some sugar, a little baking soda and follow the instructions in this tutorial.


The ddakji is a traditional South Korean game played with folded paper tiles. The series popularized it as the activity that determined whether players could make up the roster of 456 finalist players. In this tutorial, you can make your own ddakji.

Chief soldier mask

This video explains how to build a mask similar to the one used by the chief of the soldiers of Squid Game. The user himself explains that it is a complex job, due to details such as lips, but that with patience it is possible to achieve a good job. Just do not forget to open holes in the part of the nose to be able to breathe.

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