Sunday, September 25

The State Attorney sues the Franco to claim another 564 assets of the Pazo de Meirás

The legal battle for the Pazo de Meirás continues. Almost two years after the Government defeated the Franco family in court and recovered for the State the property that was the refuge of the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán after 82 years of occupation, the State Attorney has filed a lawsuit against the heirs of the dictator in which he claims the legitimate ownership of 564 goods that are inside. After having to return the place, which has been opened to the public, the Francos moved the fight inside the building when they understood that what is inside is theirs, although a court ruled them out.

The State Attorney’s Office understands that these 564 assets that it claims are publicly owned as they are documents that could be categorized as National Heritage assets, Documentary Heritage assets and public domain assets linked, for example, to the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán as well as to the official activity carried out during the Franco dictatorship that are interesting from the point of view of historical memory.

The lawsuit includes the request for precautionary measures so that the permanence of these assets within the Pazo is agreed and, in the Administration’s deposit, until the court resolves who owns the property, government sources told

The Francos considered that what was inside the Pazo belonged to them and put obstacles in the way of preparing an inventory, so they were not included in the lawsuit over ownership of the building. As a result of the ruling of the Court of 1st Instance of A Coruña, which agreed with the State and prevented the dictator’s family from removing most of the assets that were already in dispute, a total of 133 assets that were inside the Pazo as part of the furniture and decorative elements, among others. With this resolution, the set of assets has been analyzed and the State Attorney has concluded that he is the owner of half a thousand documents to which he had not had access and has filed a complaint to prevent the Franco family from taking them.

The State Attorney’s Office has this time filed the lawsuit in a court in Madrid, which is where the dictator’s heirs reside.

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