Tuesday, October 19

The State Attorney withdraws its accusation in the Iberdrola piece of the Villarejo case

The State Bar has withdrawn as an accusation of separate piece 17 of ‘Tándem’, where Iberdrola’s ‘orders’ to retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo are being investigated, given “the lack of active legitimacy regarding the crimes” provisionally charged.

In a letter to which Europa Press has had access, the State attorney Rosa María Seoane asks the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6, Manuel García-Castellón, to “consider them as sections” of the case.

All this, of course, “without prejudice to the fact that if, in the course of the investigation, a damage to the State Administration was noted, for this reason,” their “standing as injured parties could be assessed and the appropriate offer of actions could be made.”

The State Attorney makes this decision every time “the actions and facts that are the subject of the investigation have been analyzed” in this piece, regarding the assignments that the Iberdrola Group would have carried out against Villarejo when he was on active duty in the Corps. National Police. The judge maintains Iberdrola Renovables, a division of the electricity company, charged as a legal person.

These facts, recalls the letter, could constitute a continuing crime of active bribery, against privacy and a continuing crime of falsification of a commercial document committed by an individual.

Pending statement by Sánchez Galán

This piece started in October 2019 after the judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón received an Internal Affairs official letter prepared from the documentation seized in the records. In it, it was already highlighted that in 2004 the electricity company contracted with Cenyt – a Villarejo company – through the director of Security, the also accused Antonio Asenjo, the ‘Arrow’ project, which aimed to overcome obstacles to construction and start-up of a combined cycle power plant in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz).

For this project, which lasted until 2006, the commissioner – still active – accessed traffic calls from those investigated and the reports that reached Iberdrola were confidential.

Last July, the magistrate of the National Court decided to suspend the statement as a defendant both by the president of the electricity company José Ignacio Sánchez Galán and the rest of the executives while waiting to resolve on the appeal for annulment that they presented from the company.

A month later, in August, García-Castellón rejected the aforementioned appeal for annulment, seeing no reasons to do so. However, there is still no date for Sánchez Galán’s statement before the judge.