Wednesday, January 19

The ‘State Infojobs’ will also call you if you have a job: it will not be a mere organization for the unemployed, it will function as a human resources agency

Last Friday, the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, said in the presentation of the Draft Employment Law that the main characteristic of what is known as ‘State Infojobs’ would be that “it is no longer intended for the unemployed and is now intended for society as a whole: workers, people and companies ”.

An institutional statement that, like so many others, sounded a lot like smoke, but that, in reality, does have a concrete expression in the draft of the new rule and that will make this new platform go from being an organization designed for the unemployed, such as it is the current State Public Employment Service (SEPE), to a kind of complete human resources agency run by the state.

And it is that, according to El Economista, Article 50 of the preliminary draft states that the new Spanish Employment Agency -new denomination that the SEPE will receive- will not only have the mission of putting job offers in contact with unemployed people, but also will be responsible for the selection of the ideal candidate for a position, without the need for those contacted for it to be job seekers at that moment.

Therefore, this ‘State Infojobs’ will function more as a complete human resources agency, which not only looks for work for the unemployed, but also try to find the ideal candidate for the positionregardless of whether it is already busy or not.

Goodbye to the current SEPE

This variation with respect to the current SEPE has several purposes. One of them is to encourage companies to use this new state employment agency, since it will function as an intermediary that will provide them with a broader selection of candidates than the current one from among all the suitable ones. For other, improve the degree of satisfaction of citizens with their jobs trying to find a position that best suits your professional capabilities and preferences.

“The objectives of the regulation are to promote and develop the planning, coordination and implementation of employment policies -with the different autonomous communities- and offer new tools to working, unemployed and employed people, and companies, to improve the quality of employment, guidance and support, “they explain from the Government.

To make this work, the new Spanish Employment Agency collect a large amount of data on the labor market That it will use, in addition to for this purpose, for various other purposes, such as improving training programs or job orientation for the unemployed. And it will also use artificial intelligence tools to cross the information and an expanded team of counselors and human resources professionals, as we already have in Engadget.