Friday, February 23

The stock market for Friday, February 4, 2022

The paradigm theory must always be taken into account when evaluating strategies related to equities. The idea is that the point of view is crucial to interpret as true or false any of the premises used. In these days in which Meta, Netflix or Zoom suffer in the stock market, there are investors who consider that the situation may have a contagion effect for the ‘parquet’. Others, on the contrary, consider that the readjustment of this type of securities is a consistent indicator of the end of the pandemic and the transfer of investment to other sectors of activity with growth potential. The case that the same premises vary the strategies and that the investor shoal, the one that should be followed as a fundamental law, can always have erratic movements. Stock markets ended the week in Europe with a predominance of sales and an upward trend in debt interest. The good employment data from the US added fuel to the burning of interest rates and sectors with weight in the general indices pushed the Ibex 35 down, which lost 1.15%, to 8,589.30 points. The Spanish stock market has dropped 0.24 in one week. The setback of 26% of Meta (Facebook) ended up deflating many technology lovers and the metaverse trembles. Amazon, on the contrary, shows the most effective aspect of digitization, with increases of 10% and neutralizing a good part of the fears. For the local investor, who does not want to know anything about leveraged positions, the stock market moves at slower rates but also marked by varied uncertainties. Investing in Spanish blue chips from the financial sector continues to be more profitable than opening deposits in them. CaixaBank and Sabadell exceeded 5% revaluation on Thursday and yesterday they were once again among the best on the Ibex with rises of 4.90% and 7.09%, respectively. Bankinter (+2.85%) also extended its rise, while BBVA closed lower despite the fact that its results were not as bad as the markets interpreted. Santander fell 1.3%. The economy is growing, the pandemic is subsiding and the warlike ardor of the US and Russia in Ukraine may have disparate consequences depending on the economic sector. Breeding ground for uncertainty, a deposit of turbidity with which the choice of paradigm gains prominence.