Tuesday, February 20

The stock market this Wednesday, January 19

The falls in the European markets stopped this Wednesday. In the case of the Ibex 35, the day ended with a cut of 0.08% to 8,774.90 points. The positive business results tend to offset the ominous inflows from the US and the rise in oil, which is consolidating above the level of 88 dollars in the case of Brent. In the gossip it is not ruled out that it could exceed 100 dollars. But in the face of these uncertainties, business results are an example of recovery. Earnings season kicks off with an estimated 49% rise in earnings for European companies. In the case of the Spanish stock market, the great protagonist was the largest ‘parquet’ company in terms of capitalization, Inditex. The Galician giant rose 2.66%, above 28.50 euros per share. Analysts at Goldman Sachs have raised their recommendation on the fashion and textile company. The advice to buy securities is based on the conviction that international markets are looking towards an environment of greater normalization after the pandemic, which means open stores, greater consumption and good prospects. The rises of Fluidra (+2.02%) and Cellnex (+1.16%) should also be highlighted.