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The story of astronaut candidates “stuck” in Russia | Digital Trends Spanish

Although it is not a hostile act on the part of Russia or a retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine, the truth is that two American space engineers are locked up in Moscow with no possibility of escape until mid-2022.

In November 2021, William Brown (36) and Ashley Kowalski (32) confined themselves for eight months in a capsule, which they will only be able to leave in July. Everything, about a NASA experiment that simulates a mission outside Earth’s orbit, called Sirius 21.

The specialists live with three Russian colleagues and one Emirati, and the only contact with the outside world is by email, which travels through a secure server. Quoting the space agency, Daily Mail He maintained that the group receives “drops of news” daily and that it is “well informed” about the contingency.

Credit: Ashley Kowalski/Instagram

From NASA, they assured the British newspaper that they plan to continue with the mission, even after the White House asked US citizens to leave Russia “immediately”. “It is not clear if the crew is aware of the notice issued on February 27,” the outlet theorized.

The same version pointed out that Brown has experience in the military, logistics and contracting companies in the same field, in addition to software engineering. His compatriot Kowlaski comes from working at the California Aerospace Corporation.

The capsule is located in a Soviet-era building located on the outskirts of the Russian capital and inside it the group “will undergo daily tests to measure how their bodies and minds cope with isolation and physical limitations.”

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