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The strange cabal of the world champion: the Chucky doll | Digital Trends Spanish

A particular cabal has the Argentine team Qatar 2022 world championsince the Infobae medium tells the story of Chucky “the devilish doll”, which accompanies the albiceleste.

The president of the AFA Claudio Tapia He explained in first person the reason why the toy cannot be missing in the concentrations. “It was something on the part of the staff. One day I went into the props, I saw the Chucky doll, he was missing an arm and a leg. No one knew how he was there, among all the saints and virgins. I said: ‘Who brought that doll here? He’s unlucky.’ Nobody answered. Juan Cruz, the prop man, tells me: ‘Boss, that doll brings luck, they call my son Chucky’. As we entered the bubble, he gave it to me so that I would remember him and always have it everywhere, ”the president began in a chat with AFA Estudio.

And so it was that since the victory against Brazil in the 2021 Copa América he became a cabal:

“I told the seven… If we come out champions, we are going to tattoo Chucky. The seven of us made Chucky. Now he travels with us, he is everywhere. I have one in my house. After this, I bought myself a Chucky, sleep with me.” Even the president of the AFA immortalized the cute doll in the quadriceps of his left leg.

One of the leading actors in the killer doll movies, alex vincentHe made a publication when he saw Chucky among the champions. “Congratulations Argentina. I see you know how to party”wrote the American in a history of instagram.

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