Monday, July 4

The Stranger Things Mall Comes to Roblox | Digital Trends Spanish

The world of Stranger things will take a new leap to video games. But not with a sequel to the title that already exists, but with an appearance within the popular Roblox.

The Starcourt Mall, which took center stage in the third season of Stranger Things, will come as a virtual space to Roblox. The company behind the game defines it as a persistent space in which players will have to complete small mini-games; As a reward, they will receive various objects related to Stranger things with which to personalize your avatar.

The minigames in total will be four: Hawkins Lab Escape (5 vs. 1 multiplayer), Dueling Dice (for two players), Hi-Score Slingshot Y Delivery Dash, both for a solo player. It should be noted that all these games can only be played in public games and will not be present on private servers of Roblox.

According to the company behind Roblox, this collaboration with Stranger things makes a lot of sense since gambling has become a kind of social gathering place, just as malls like Starcourt Mall were in the 1980s.

Undoubtedly, this collaboration will be beneficial to both brands, but perhaps more to Stranger Things. Because Roblox It is a title that may not generate many headlines or news, but it receives players in massive numbers every day; according to Variety, during the first quarter of the year, it averaged more than 42 million users per day.

Roblox has been around since 2006 on PC and is currently available on iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

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