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The strike against hate melts a good part of Twitch to black and adds Ibai Llanos and AuronPlay

The strike against hate attacks that have multiplied on Twitch in recent times has turned a good part of the platform in Spain to black this Wednesday. Numerous channels that add more than 100,000 followers have announced that they will not broadcast live today to support the claim, which has also finally been joined by two of the main Twitch stars worldwide: Ibai Llanos and Raúl Álvarez ( AuronPlay), which add 7.6 and 9.8 million followers respectively.

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The movement asks not to broadcast live or consume the contents of the platform during this September 1, with the aim of protesting the inaction of Twitch (owned by Amazon) in the face of the generalization of the attacks known as “raids hate “that racialized people or the LGTB community are suffering.

The raid is a function that allows streamers send your audience to another Twitch channel at the end of its broadcast, as a cross-channel endorsement and recommendation method. However, now it is also being used to carry out racist, homophobic or macho harassment in a group and in an organized way: a channel is selected, the raid is executed and the target streamer’s chat is suddenly flooded with insults and speech of hate.

The protest has been organized from the English-speaking community on the platform, where hate raids have become an unpleasant normal for some streamers. Until this Wednesday, the Spanish community debated the usefulness of this type of action to draw Twitch’s attention to the problem, since none of the most followed channels had announced their support or commented on the call.

In the early hours of this Wednesday the situation took a turn. Ibai, the streamer with the greatest media pull, announced that he was joining the initiative: “It seems to me that from my position what I should do is respect these kinds of things and support these kinds of movements that I understand are complicated in the United States.” explained. After 1:00 pm AuronPlay followed his example: “That’s right friends. Today it’s time to rest and support our colleagues.”

Despite the fact that the action came from some US streamers belonging to marginalized groups and the situation is more serious in that country, hate raids have also occurred in Spain. “I have suffered them,” he explains to Nnegry, a Spanish streamer with 29,000 followers. “Normally the raids work in a healthy way. Put that 200 people are seeing me on my channel and I send them to you so that those people see and support you. But there are people who are using the raids to send their community to other channels in order to generate hatred. ”

The protest movement asks the platform to develop new options so that those affected can defend themselves against hate raids. “Twitch does not give you any kind of tool. The only thing you can do is things like configure the chat so that people who have followed you for less than three days cannot write to you. But that is also a bitch, because people who want to talking to me normal and ordinary can not do it either “, exposes the same streamer.

“It would be good to implement some kind of verification in two steps”, thinks in conversation with this medium Sara Yang, suwuyang on Twitch, where he has more than 4,000 followers. “Some of these attacks are also carried out with bots because it is very easy to automate the creation of accounts and program them to make certain offensive comments on a channel,” he denounces.

We support the right of our streamers to express themselves and draw attention to important issues in our service. No one should suffer hate attacks


Contacted by this means, the platform has indicated that it has a manual for “combat targeted attacks” with hate raids. Among the measures he suggests is to establish moderators among his viewers so that they are in charge of warning or expelling users who make toxic comments from the chat. Twitch reminds streamers that they can also block their channel from receiving raids from strangers or set the filters for comments that Nnegry alludes to.

“We support the right of our streamers to speak up and draw attention to important issues on our service. No one should suffer malicious and hateful attacks because of who they are or what they stand for, and we are working hard to improve evasion detection. channel-level bans and other account enhancements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators, “said a company spokeswoman.

The platform has also carried out a maneuver to protect one of its annual events from the potential negative effects of this protest against hate raids. It is the SUBtember (of the union of subscriber and september, September in English), which every September 1 allows users to subscribe to their preferred channels with an additional discount. This year, Twitch has decided to take place on June 2.

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