Friday, September 30

The strike of the metal sector in Cádiz celebrates its second day with new barricades and roadblocks

The indefinite strike in the metal sector of the province of Cádiz reaches its second day with new barricades and concentrations at the doors of the tractor industries such as the centers of Navantia, Dragados or Alestis.

They denounce workdays of 80 hours a week in the repair of cruise ships in Puerto Real with contracts for half

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One of the most conflictive points is once again in the Avenida de Astilleros de Cádiz capital, where even in the barricade that has been carried out, a supposedly abandoned vehicle burns in the car park of the shipyards themselves. The road is closed to traffic.

It should be remembered that the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs in the province of Cádiz (Femca) has stressed that the only way to end the strike must be negotiation between companies and workers. The conflict centers on the renewal of the collective agreement, which has been in place since December of last year.

For the employer, which has assured that it maintains its “offer to dialogue, taking into account the current market situation”, the union position is “unaffordable”.

In this sense, he has argued that the annual increases of 2, 2.5 and 3 percent requested by the workers’ representatives, in addition to the reduction of four hours of work each year, would entail “the disappearance of the industry of Cadiz, which it would have to compete with that of other provinces that start from a more advantageous situation. ” The employer’s proposal has been, according to the unions, a rise of 0.5 retroactively to September and 1.5 for 2022 and 2023, not including an IPC increase, something they describe as “indecent”.