Wednesday, July 6

The striking taxi drivers refuse to meet with Vox: “We do not sit with fascists”

During the morning of Thursday, the taxi sector has mobilized, for the first time, in a united way in Catalonia and they have carried out a “total” stoppage of activity, from 10 in the morning to 2 p.m. They have carried out a slow march through various cities that, in Barcelona, ​​has collapsed the center and has reached the gates of Parliament.

There, they have gone to meet with various political groups and have been received by the PSC, ERC, Junts, CUP and the ‘Comuns’. One of the notable absences in the list of meetings has been that of Vox and, asked about this during the press conference, the spokesman for Elite Taxi, Tito Álvarez, has declared: “We do not sit down with fascists. This is what it is”.

The organizers (the Elite Taxi association, the Taxi Union of Catalonia and the Agrupació Taxi Companys) have described this Thursday’s mobilization as a “notice” in the face of the decree that the Government proposes for October to regulate the sector.

Taxi drivers demand that a limit of one Tourism Vehicle with Driver (VTC, that is, vehicles from companies such as Uber or Cabify) be regulated for every 30 taxis. This decree will come to the end of the 4-year moratorium, the so-called Ábalos Decree, which has allowed VTCs to operate with relatively few limitations.

The promoters of the call insist that a 2018 Supreme Court ruling supports this ratio and denounces that there is collusion between the administrations and the VTC companies. “The coincidence of the arguments of the competition authorities and the lobbies of large digital transport platforms that want to unravel the taxi sector, make us sure that we are right”, they have stated from Elite Taxi.