Sunday, October 2

The struggle between moderates and radicals runs aground the new Government of Pedro Castillo

Correspondent in Lima



When the hundred days of government are fulfilled, President Pedro Castillo cannot find the navigation map of the ship called Peru, where slow decision-making and confusing statements have skyrocketed the price of the dollar and increased the price of food and gas amid the pandemic

The president of the hat, Pedro Castillo, has not yet taken the reins of the government, in which the country has witnessed the endless struggles within the same government between radicals and moderates, where the battlefield has been social networks.

Castillo surprisingly came to the presidency after beating Keiko Sofía Fujimori – who has run three times and lost to Ollanta Humala, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Pedro Castillo – and has never held public office before. This has led Castillo to take refuge in the circle of friends in the area where you were born, Tacabamba in Cajamarca, and in his dozens of cousins ​​and nephews from the same region.

The climax of the fight between radicals and moderates occurred last week in the legislature, when the prime minister, Mirtha Vásquez, went with the full cabinet to ask for the investiture vote, which she barely obtained due to the opposition of 16 congressmen of the Peru Libre party, who consider that their own government has turned to the right.

Among those who voted against Mirtha Vásquez were Congressmen Waldemar Cerrón (Vladimir’s brother), Guillermo Bermejo and the ex Prime Minister Guido Bellido, all of them members of Vladimir Cerrón’s inner circle.

«The Peru Libre bench demonstrated consequence, clarity in the debate, monolithic unity, rejection of offers for votes, discipline and compliance with the mandate of the National Assembly, only one vote was missing. In the short term, it remains to be seen if his decision was the right one or not, “he explained. Vladimir Cerrón through your Twitter account.

The investiture vote to the cabinet of Mirtha Vásquez gives oxygen to the government to be able to face the economic crisis that the Andean country has suffered since the pandemic began, which caused the death of more than two hundred thousand Peruvians since March 2020.

«The balance of the Government of Castillo is negative. It is evident that the president competed without thinking of winning, that he is taking his time to assume his responsibility.

«The balance of the Government of Castillo is negative. It is evident that the president competed without thinking of winning, that he is taking his time to assume his responsibility; He walks slowly, he is hesitant and events push him, until he intervenes and then he looks erratic, ”said left-wing historian Antonio Zapata. At the same time, he added that “his main virtue seemed to be a genuine concern for the poorest, but in a hundred days he has not done any measure for the benefit of the poor that makes a difference.”

Lack of leader

The Prime Minister, Mirtha Vásquez, he acknowledged in his presentation to Congress that “we need to leave, friends. We are caught up in a problem that won’t let us go. We need to go and get ahead. Our wishes are to correspond to a citizenry that has been badly hit by the pandemic and took thousands of citizens. “We need to agree and measure up to an unprecedented historical moment,” concluded Vásquez, a lawyer by profession and belonging to the moderate wing where the Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke, is also.

“The two main weaknesses of the current government are two: lack of a consolidated team and that team needs a leader, a role that corresponds to the president,” the former prime minister, Violeta Bermúdez, told ‘El Comercio’.

Before going to ask for the investiture vote, President Pedro Castillo was sworn in as Minister of the Interior to Avelino Guillén, the former prosecutor in the case against former President Alberto Fujimori, sentenced to 25 years in prison for corruption and crimes against humanity. Guillén’s predecessor in the portfolio, Barranzuela, was forced to resign after being caught celebrating the Halloween party after ordering to prohibit Peruvians from holding such celebrations.

«The most worrying thing is that there is no vision of the country. The Pedro Castillo government has not asked itself: why are we here? Where are we going? What do you seek to achieve in five years? These first 100 days were critical but could have been worse, “former Prime Minister Ana Jara told ‘El Comercio’.

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