Tuesday, July 5

The successful SpaceX maneuver that returned 4 astronauts home | Digital Trends Spanish

A successful landing process had four astronauts returning after six months of the International Space Station (ISS), aboard a ship SpaceX.

Docking for Crew 3 was on Thursday and the crew dove through Earth’s atmosphere before landing under parachutes off the coast of Florida at 12:43 AM ET.

And…splashdown! Dragon has safely made it home with precious cargo aboard: four #Crew3 astronauts!

Now they wait for the recovery vehicle, which is named after Shannon Walker, mission specialist for the first crewed @SpaceX mission to the @Space_Station: pic.twitter.com/VDDXdsxkbH

— NASA (@NASA) May 6, 2022

On board the Crew Dragon were three NASA astronauts, Tom Marshburn, Raja Chari and Kayla Barron, as well as German astronaut Matthias Maurer from the European Space Agency.

SpaceX has a contract with NASA to periodically send astronauts to and from the International Space Station, part of an initiative called the Commercial Crew Program. Crew-3 was SpaceX’s third operating mission to the ISS for NASA, as well as the eighth time the company has launched astronauts into space.

On April 27, Crew 4 left for the International Space Station, with a group of research astronauts who will be there until the fall of the northern hemisphere.

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