Sunday, January 16

The sudden cancellation of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ closes with a resounding disappointment a year of records for Netflix

Not a month has passed since the premiere of the live version of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and Netflix has decided to cancel it, as stated by ‘The Hollywood Reporter’. Despite its undeniable technical values ​​and that even the initial reluctance had been left behind thanks to its impeccable visual finish, Netflix has considered that it was not enough to give the green light to a second season, which was clearly on the starting grid from this first batch of episodes.

On your first weekend ‘Cowboy Bebop’ added 21 million hours played, to which 36 million more could be added in its second week. These are very remarkable amounts, but they are far from other hits on the platform, such as ‘Red Alert’, with 148 million hours (being only a feature film), or ‘The Squid Game’, which already totals more than one billion hours consumed.

Many successes and some failures

Although it is obvious that Netflix accumulates the greatest successes of its trajectory this year, which has led it to the point of finally sharing the viewing figures of its most popular series, it also closes 2021 with some notable failure. Added to this ‘Cowboy Bebop’ is ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, series with which he was going to start an ambitious Millarverso that ended up in nothing or almost nothing, since ‘Supercrooks’ does seem to have met expectations.

However, it is doubtful that Netflix remembers 2021 as a year in the red: Let’s not forget that to his excellent career so far we must add the imminent premiere of ‘The Witcher’, which will very possibly turn into another crushing marathon of dizzying numbers. Although perhaps the platform should monitor the extent to which its policy of approving series without restraint may find itself, in the medium term, with an uncomfortable ceiling of cancellations.