Thursday, January 27

The super chin that eliminates the risk of omicron in 60 seconds


The spike protein of SARS-coV2 is the key to entering the human body and infecting the cells it needs to live. It attaches itself to the ACE2 enzyme and begins to expand. The new variant Omicron it was classified as high risk due to its number of mutations.

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The nSI BAC PURE anotechnology used by Nanotech, already patented in more than 147 countries, the first thing it does when it comes into contact with the virus is to eliminate the protein it uses to enter the cell. Thus eliminating the risk of contagion within the first 60 seconds.

Its name Nanotech Shields 7.3 refers to the 7 layers of protection that the mask has divided into three screens.

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Microscope view of the active agent, fixed to the fabric.

Microscope view of the active agent, fixed to the fabric.

Bidirectional Elimination:

  • A hemorrhoidal treatment, in charge of protecting against a possible blood spatter. And A water-repellent treatment, in charge of protecting against aerosols.
  • Antiviral Treatment in charge of Eliminating 99.98% of viruses.
  • Antibacterial treatment that eliminates 100% of bacteria and fungi.
  • An internal non-woven fabric filter, which filters out more than 96% of dust particles of 5 microns or larger.
  • Internal face an Antibacterial treatment in charge of eliminating the colony of bacteria and fungi that are generated with the use of the chinstrap.
  • Antiviral Treatment, in charge of eliminating the virus in the event that the user is infected and is asymptomatic.
  • Hydro-repellent treatment, responsible for retaining the aerosols expelled by the user to the outside.

BARBIJO Nanotech Shields KIDS.png

The children's model of the super chinstrap.

The children’s model of the super chinstrap.

To complement their technical and safety characteristics, the chinstraps have a nose clip, elastic regulators and an online traceability system for each piece, which makes it impossible to falsify.

Less environmental impact

A Nanotech Shields 7.3 Social Mask replaces 300 disposable masks or between 10 and 30 masks with ion nanotechnology in uses that can be found in the market. They are used 12 hours a day and are washed 100 times. Its environmental impact is very low, 95.5% lower (approx) Taking into account that a three-layer disposable chinstrap takes up to 450 years to biodegrade.



It can be purchased in some pharmacies in the country or on the official website of the manufacturer Its price is $ 560 pesos and they have promotions of up to 18 installments without interest. Which gives the best price, time of use and safety ratio on the market.


SI BAC PURE and its active agent have multiple quality and low impact certifications, such as the EPA AND FDA of the United States OEKO-Performance 100 of Europe and its active agent is recommended by the World Health Organization in the fight against COVID.

The day after COVID

The (WHO) estimates that each year some 700,000 people die worldwide from intra-hospital infections and that, if measures are not taken in this regard, that figure will reach 10 million by the year 2050.

Paradigm shift

Nanotech Shields has a whole line of antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial active ingredients with nanotechnology that make up a new paradigm in health prevention. Its four combined product lines allow converting traditional spaces into 360ª Active Antiviral Spaces for up to 5 years.

Additives paint: they convert the painted surface (furniture, floors, walls and ceiling) into Antiviral and antibacterial for 5 years.

Textiles: masks, bedding, curtains and both medical.

Laundry additive (rinse clothes): added to the traditional or industrial washing process, providing antiviral property to clothes until the next wash.

Surface spray: antiviral and antibacterial protection for up to 30 days.