Sunday, May 22

The Supreme confirms the conviction of the adviser who urged the falsification of the Cifuentes master’s degree

The Supreme Court has decided to confirm the two-year prison sentence of Teresa Feito, former adviser to the Community of Madrid, for promoting the falsification of the minutes of Cristina Cifuentes’s master’s degree. The judges have rejected her appeal against her conviction for false documents. No one appealed the acquittal of the former president of the Community of Madrid and the other convicted, Professor Cecilia Rosado who falsified the minutes at Feito’s request, did not appeal her sentence of one year in prison either.

The Justice confirms the acquittal of Cifuentes in the Master case and lowers the sentence of his advisor and a teacher

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The falsification of these minutes, which Cifuentes herself used before the Madrid Assembly to defend her innocence, came after exclusively revealed various irregularities in obtaining a master’s degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Her grades had been modified to pass with notable subjects in which she previously appeared as not presented, and her Master’s Thesis grade was also irregularly modified by an official.

In the midst of a political storm due to the exclusive coverage of this newspaper, the adviser to the Ministry of Education, Maite Feito, forced teacher Cecilia Rosado to prepare false minutes that showed that Cifuentes had attended the master’s degree and that all her notes were in order.

The teacher, the advisor and Cifuentes were brought to the bench but both the Madrid Court and the Superior Court of Justice of the capital understood that the former president could not be convicted: the judges determined that she had an interest in obtaining those forged papers but there is no evidence that he actually encouraged its forgery, as Feito did. The Prosecutor’s Office did not appeal Cifuentes’ acquittal before the Supreme Court.

The criminal court has no doubts about the role that Feito played in encouraging the forgery so that the regional president had the tools to defend herself. “The strong pressure exerted by Mrs. Feito throughout the day on Mrs. Rosado constitutes sufficient behavior to decisively contribute to her willingness to commit the falsehood,” the judges say.

This sentence implies that Feito does not have to enter prison as his sentence is two years in prison and he has no criminal record, although now the case will enter the execution phase. At first, she had been sentenced to three years in prison, but the Superior Court of Justice lowered her sentence on the understanding that she was a professor on leave and not in practice when she urged the falsification of her master’s degree and her minutes. .