Sunday, August 14

The Supreme confirms the conviction of the former general secretary of the PP in the Balearic Islands for the irregular financing of the party in 2003

The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence that condemned the Popular Party in the Balearic Islands for irregularly financing itself with more than 9,000 euros in 2003. The judges, according to the sentence of the second chamber to which has had access, have rejected the Last resort of José María Rodríguez, former general secretary of the PP in the Balearic Islands, against his sentence of three and a half years in prison in the ‘Over Marketing’ corruption case in which former president Jaume Matas agreed to pay 18,000 euros in exchange for recognizing the crimes what he committed

The advertising company accused of financing the Madrid PP also “fished” in Valencia with Camps and in the Government with Zaplana

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This ‘Over Marketing’ case, one of the multiple separate pieces of the Palma Arena case that investigated political corruption on the islands, focused on how the Balearic PP hired this company to run its electoral campaign for the municipal elections and autonomous of 2003. The expenses shot up above what the PP could legally pay and they agreed that a part would be paid in black money and in hand at the party’s headquarters.

In addition to this, Over Marketing invoiced more than 86,000 euros to companies with simulated concepts that “hid the electoral services that it carried out for the Popular Party.” The leaders of the company agreed with Jaume Matas, once he was sworn in as president, that a part of these electoral expenses that had to be paid in black money “would be compensated with the volume of public contracts that would be awarded from different public bodies dependent on the Government”, among other irregularities.

The Popular Party of the Balearic Islands did not appeal its sentence of direct civil liability to take charge, together with the three main defendants, of returning 9,048 euros to the public coffers. An invoice for services not performed that served for Daniel Mercado, the businessman, to collect part of the work they did for the PP during the 2003 electoral campaign. Only José María Rodríguez appealed this sentence.

According to the Supreme Court, these funds “served to reduce the debt contracted with the Popular Party of the Balearic Islands in its 2003 electoral campaign” and the decision was “by José María Rodríguez”, whose appeal is now rejected.

Regarding the specific invoice for which the PP must respond financially, the Supreme Court explains that the condemned Rodríguez “indeed participated in the economic management of the 2003 electoral campaign, making certain purchases, precisely from companies of the Mercado group, for non-negligible amounts. and making payments in cash linked to it”.