Monday, February 26

The Supreme confirms three and a half years in prison for the former president of Invercaria

The Supreme Court has decided to confirm the three and a half years in prison that the Andalusian courts imposed on Tomás Pérez-Sauquillo, former president of the public entity of the Invercaria Board, for the illegal granting of a loan of 100,000 euros to a company in 2009. They also confirm the sentence of two years in prison for the sole administrator of the beneficiary company, an entity based in Jaén in the olive sector.

Second sentence for Pérez-Sauquillo for embezzlement in the personnel expenses of the venture capital company of the Junta de Andalucía

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Invercaria is a company created in 2005, belonging to the Ministry of Economy of the Junta de Andalucía and owned only by the Agency for Innovation and Development. It is dedicated to venture capital. Pérez-Sauquillo was its first president and, according to investigators, four years later he came into contact with the owner of the company Aceitunas Tatis, a company that was later declared bankrupt. Shortly after, by decision of the president of Invercaria, he was granted a loan of 100,000 euros without any type of analysis, report and without any prior paperwork or study.

The Supreme Court explains that the resolution that led to the granting of the credit was “contrary to law, since it was adopted with the total and absolute absence of the most minimal or brief procedure, and without any documentary support.” The money, the judges point out, was not returned and it is not known what destination they gave it in the Jaen company. The sentence makes the then president of Invercaria the most responsible: “He decided to give a loan to Aceitunas Tatis SL, without minimally checking ex ante its economic and accounting situation, the viability to undertake a project or projects in accordance with the purpose of the loan that was granted, and ex post if the money received had been invested in a project of public interest”, reproach the judges.

This “definitive separation of public wealth from public assets” translates, for the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court, into a crime of prevarication in medial competition with another of embezzlement for Pérez-Sauquillo, because according to the judges he disposed of “public money as if it were his own.”

It is not the only legal process that Tomás Pérez-Sauquillo has faced for alleged irregularities at the head of this Andalusian public company. Just a few days ago the Provincial Court of Seville acquitted him after studying the granting of another of these participatory loans, this one for 150,000 euros, and at the end of 2021 the same Court condemned him for irregularities in Invercaria’s personnel expenses.