Wednesday, December 8

The Supreme Court acquits Teresa Rodríguez of violating the honor of Utrera Molina

The Supreme Court has decided to acquit Teresa Rodríguez, leader of Adelante Andalucía, of having violated the honor of former Francoist minister Utrera Molina. Andalusian politics attributed in a tweet Utrera Molina responsibility for the “murder” of Salvador Puig Antich in 1974 and at first he had been sentenced to compensate his descendants with 5,000 euros. The judges understand that he expressed an opinion without attributing any crime to the Francoist politician and firmly rejects the demand of his descendants.

They confirm a conviction of Teresa Rodríguez for holding Utrera Molina responsible for the “murder” of Puig Antich

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The Supreme Court judges understand that the non-attached deputy expressed her opinion but did not attribute a crime of murder to Utrera Molina: “She expresses the appellant’s opinion on the political responsibility of the deceased, as a senior political leader and member of the Council of Ministers who gave the «informed» to the death penalty of Mr. Puig Antich, in the execution of the condemned to death “. For the magistrates of the first chamber of the high court, the opinion issued by Rodríguez on his Twitter account “fulfills the function of contributing to the debate and formation of public opinion in a democratic society and is protected by freedom of expression.”

The judges explain that Teresa Rodríguez did not use “insulting or degrading” expressions and, therefore, exercised her freedom of expression “in accordance with constitutional parameters.” A use of freedom of expression that “must prevail over the memory of the late Mr. Utrera Molina.”

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