Thursday, September 16

The Supreme Court confirms the sentences for Gürtel’s business with AENA

The Supreme Court has decided to confirm in essence the sentences imposed by the millionaire fixes of employment contracts. AENA for the Gürtel plot between the years 2000 and 2002. The judges leave in six years and three months the conviction of the businessman and leader of the plot, Francisco Correa, and leaves intact the five-year prison sentences imposed on those then responsible for communication of the entity: Angel Lopez de la Mota and José Maria Gavari. The condemnation of the accountant of the plot, Jose Luis Izquierdo, stays in three years and three months in prison.

The criminal court endorses what the National Court ruled: that between 2000 and 2002 the companies of the corrupt plot obtained a total of 22 contracts worth 2.2 million of euros irregularly. Contracts to, for example, organize AENA’s presence at fairs such as Fitur or ExpoOcio. Contracts awarded illegally in exchange for money for the then communication directors and at the time when Francisco Álvarez-Cascos was in charge of Fomento.

The contracts went to companies of the plot “in exchange for receive cash or certain services of a particular nature. “López de la Mota and Gavari, among other things, were entertained with trips and other gifts by the plot in addition to receiving cash.” Most of the contracts were awarded with a market surcharge and very considerable profit percentages for the successful bidders, paying bills “that did not reflect the service provided. All this, according to the Supreme Court,” in exchange for some illicit commissions that were passed on to the price with extra costs “.

The Supreme Court only introduces small modifications in the convictions of Correa and Izquierdo, observing a simple mitigation of undue delays. Correa’s sentence is reduced by half a year and Izquierdo’s remains the same but his fine is substantially reduced.

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