Friday, December 9

The Supreme Court of Brazil asks the Police to prevent roadblocks while Bolsonaro avoids admitting defeat

The Supreme Federal Court -equivalent to the Constitutional Court- demanded that the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the military police of the Brazilian states intervene urgently to free the routes blocked by Brazilian truck drivers, mobilized in support of President Jair Messias Bolsonaro. The demonstrators obstruct the main highways leading to the country’s capitals and have caused difficulties in access to large airports, with the consequent cancellation of many domestic and international flights.

Lula defeated Bolsonaro, but it will not be easy for him to govern

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Meanwhile, the still head of state continues without giving any sign regarding his pronouncement to recognize the victory of his adversary, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, already enshrined as president-elect. The Ministry of Communication has anticipated that there is no scheduled time for that message, exactly a day and a half after the polls close. According to information from the government house in Brasilia, Bolsonaro must hold various appointments with high-ranking military officers during the day; this morning he was already in a meeting with the commander of the Aeronautics, Brigadier Carlos de Almeida Baptista; where they addressed issues of “public safety”.

The mobilization of these Bolsonarist bases, which affects 20 Brazilian states, is a replica of the results of Sunday’s elections, and has as its main slogan “prevent communism from coming to power.” The measure adopted today by the Court also targets the general director of the Federal Highway Police, Silvinei Vasques, a self-confessed “Bolsonarista”. He sets against the official the payment of a fine of 20,000 dollars per hour, starting today at midnight, in case of non-compliance with the mandate. He further provides for his exoneration and his imprisonment for “disobedience.”

The majority of the Supreme Court supported, this morning, the decision that Judge Alexandre de Moraes had taken yesterday, Monday, by authorizing the use of (provincial) military police troops to “immediately unblock all public roads that have been illegally interrupted. the transit”. In his sentence, Moraes indicates that “there is a clear crime of abuse of the constitutional right of assembly. The action (of the truck drivers) has a disproportionate and intolerable impact on society, which depends on the full functioning of the product and service distribution chains.”

The resolution adopted by the STF tries to dismantle a scenario of growing tension originating from the Planalto chief himself, who persists in silencing his failure in the elections. Moraes indicated that the “illegal stoppages” of the truckers, with barricade fires, place “public safety at risk throughout the national territory” through crimes “against democratic institutions.”

The demonstrations on the Marginal Tieté highway, one of the roads that leads to the Guarulhos airport, 35 kilometers from the São Paulo capital, forced the airport authorities to suspend 25 flights. So far, 40 flights have been canceled across the country. for that cause. The Federal Police, which controls national routes, has just reported that there are 220 picket points for traffic throughout the country. The direction of that police agency affirms that the agents have been acting since yesterday to dismantle the blockades. “As soon as the first difficulties arose, the PF took all measures to guarantee the return to normality of the flow. Their agents went to the premises to negotiate the release of routes and highways” indicates this security force.

But so far, the action of the security forces has had a very limited effect.

The president of the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets, Joao Galassi, has turned to President Jair Bolsonaro to ask him to intervene in what is being announced as a rapid food shortage. “We have already begun to face” that situation, he declared.