Wednesday, October 27

The Supreme Court of El Salvador appoints 98 judges through a controversial law promoted by Bukele

Mexico City



After an extraordinary meeting of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador, 98 new judges making use of the controversial Law of the Judicial Career, approved by the Parliament -of the pro-government majority-. This new legislation was signed by the president Here’s to watching Under the pretext of renewing “one of the most corrupt judicial systems in the world” to achieve a “judicial purge that the vast majority of Salvadorans demand.”

The president of the highest judicial instance of the Central American country, Oscar Lopez Jerez, has declared that the new judges “will take their respective positions and functions as of Monday, September 27″ despite the judicial uncertainty that hangs over the measure since the Family Chamber of the Oriente Section of the department of San Miguel ” ordered to suspend the application of the reform decree. Added to this is the fact that two attorneys from the Supreme Court have filed an appeal against the resolution issued by the Legislative Assembly. The current president enjoys an overwhelming absolute majority of 84 seats in the unicameral parliament.

The self-styled “The coolest dictator in the world” hides behind the appeasement of corruption for the renewal of judges as Carlos Sanchez, which he accuses of releasing a former opposition deputy accused of his involvement with gangs. The magistrates also join these dismissals Carlos Sanchez, linked to the left-wing FMLN party, and Martin Rogel, which exonerated another judge named for an alleged sexual assault on a minor. More than 248 judges will be forced to leave their respective positions with the exception of open cases against humanity that contain historical relevance. El Salvador’s magistrates dismissed by legislative decree are over 65 years of age or have 30 years of experience and must renounce their responsibilities if they do not want to lose compensation equivalent to 24 months’ salary. For the moment, until 100 judges have made their dismissal effective.

Effective terminations

One of the affected justice administrators is Jorge Guzman who urged the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate Nayib Bukele for blocking the investigation into the Army files. Another 115 have availed themselves of the prerogatives of the norm, waiting on an availability basis, maintaining their positions for five extendable years. Thirty-four of the judges have become strong saying goodbye to their responsibilities, without compensation, signaling the president to monopolize the three powers.

A group of affected people has denounced the Salvadoran State for the violation of human rights, derived from said act that reforms the Law of the Judicial Career, before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). This same commission, based in Washington, and the UN special rapporteur explicitly rejected, on September 7, this legislation and called on the American nation “to respect the guarantees for judicial independence”, adding that “the principle of the immobility of judges in their positions is fundamental to preserve it. In addition, they stated that “the legislative modifications of the regulations in force, carried out expeditiously and without spaces for consultation with the bodies directly affected by them, could impact both the administration of justice and the right to judicial protection of persons in the country, as well as the rights and guarantees of those who operate justice ”.

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