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The Supreme Court of El Salvador reinterprets the Constitution so that Bukele can aspire to re-election

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The highest judicial body in El Salvador gave its endorsement on Friday for a possible renewal in the position of Here’s to watching, the president of the Central American country who has been in office since June 1, 2019. Despite being prohibited by the Salvadoran Constitution, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court has been in charge of issuing the ruling addressed to the Superior Electoral Court ruling that “A person who holds the presidency of the Republic and has not been president in the immediately preceding period participates in the electoral contest for a second time.”

The five magistrates who have managed to reinterpret the Constitution are part of the new batch established in the highest Salvadoran judicial body on May 1 last after the dismissal of the previous ones by Congress. Raúl Melara, the attorney general, was also removed from his post. At that time, the ruling Legislative Assembly dismissed all the judges that made up the Supreme Court to include in their place followers of New Ideas, the party founded by the president himself.

The new resolution, which gives a new interpretation to the supreme law, has originated in response to a process promoted by the constitutional lawyer Enrique Anaya in which he announced the “loss of rights of citizenship.” Later, the deputy Nanci Diaz has promoted presidential reelection. Article 75 of the Constitution orders the loss of rights as a citizen to those who “sign acts, proclamations or adhesions to promote or support the re-election or continuation of the president of the republic, or use direct means aimed at that end.”

According to the interpretation that the Supreme Court had made up to now, the greatest political figure of The Savior he had to wait at least two terms before he ran for office again. As is the case in countries like Mexico, the prohibition based on article 152 does not allow to concatenate the presentation to an election of whoever “has held the presidency of the republic for more than six consecutive months or not, during the period immediately preceding, or within the last six months prior to the beginning of the presidential period ».

The ruling opens the door for Bukele for a second consecutive period held the Executive Power that could follow in the wake of countries in the region such as Nicaragua, Cuba or Venezuela. Thus, in the 2024 elections, the possibility of perpetuation in power for another five years is opened, conferred by the Salvadoran presidential term. The “prohibition to prevail in office to carry out electoral propaganda” will force Nayib to resign six months before another possible victory at the polls.

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