Saturday, March 25

The Supreme Court opens a criminal case against the PP deputy Alberto Casero

The Supreme Court has decided to open a criminal case against Alberto Casero, the Popular Party deputy who made a mistake in voting on the labor reform. The judges will investigate whether he committed various illegalities in the award of five contracts when he was mayor of the town of Trujillo in Cáceres, as denounced by the Prosecutor’s Office. Five contracts totaling more than 70,000 euros in total.

Alberto Casero, the PP ‘plumber’ investigated for corruption who was wrong to vote for the labor reform

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The investigators point out that Casero was mayor of Trujillo between 2017 and 2018, at which time he allegedly launched several public contracts in an allegedly illegal manner. According to the rationale of the Extremaduran court that began the investigation, he did so “without subjecting himself to the administrative procedure established for it.” For example, according to this accusation, he committed various payments of public money without notifying the city council and without the necessary reports.

For example, he hired a psychologist, hiding the process from the council he directed, without providing the contract, without a hiring file, without a report justifying the need to hire a psychologist and, finally, without an approval of the expense. The judges’ magnifying glass is also focused on a payment of 25,000 euros to the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, a sponsorship contract of 18,000 euros with the Bon Vivant Cultural Association, a contract of 14,000 euros with a consultant and another of 15,000 euros with a radio station to promote the Trujillo Cheese Fair.

The judge in charge of investigating the case will be Andrés Palomo, who once the case is opened will have to decide what proceedings he will start. The first decision will be whether he accuses and calls Casero himself to testify.