Sunday, August 14

The Supreme Court rejects Vox’s complaint against Echenique for a tweet about the arrest of rapper Hasél

The Supreme Court has decided to reject outright the complaints that Vox, a police union and several groups had filed against Pablo Echenique for a tweet about the arrest and imprisonment of Catalan rapper Pablo Hasél and the subsequent protests. The judges see no crime in the message in which the United Podemos parliamentarian sent support to those protesting against this decision both in Madrid and Barcelona in riots that resulted in injuries, looting and dozens of arrests in both cities.

The judge begins to investigate if a young woman lost an eye by a ‘foam’ bullet in a pro-Hasel demonstration

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The tweet written by Echenique read the following: “All my support for the young anti-fascists who are demanding justice and freedom of expression in the streets. Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​today at Puerta del Sol. The violent mutilation of the eye of a protester must be investigated and responsibilities must be clarified with force “. During the riots in Barcelona, ​​a protester lost an eye due to the alleged impact of a foam projectile from the Mossos d’Esquadra’s Mobile Brigade.

Both the far-right party and the CEP police union, the pseudo Clean Hands union and a political party called “Por Todos” sued Echenique, accusing him of a crime of altering public order and another of hatred for the publication of this message, something that rejects the Supreme. The judges say that neither Vox nor the rest provide “any indication of their relationship with the serious altercations and disturbances that, as it is admitted, began prior to its publication, nor of the alleged increase in those attending these calls.”

It is not the first complaint of Vox against Echenique that is shipwrecked in the second room of the Supreme Court. Last June the judges of the high court also rejected the criminal action filed by Santiago Abascal’s party against him for another tweet. In that message, Echenique attributed to Vox having supported the authors of an anti-Semitic graffiti in the streets of Barcelona denounced by the mayor Ada Colau.

In this new inadmissibility case, the Vox lawyers sued Echenique, understanding that he had encouraged protests in which arrests were made and in which protesters and authorities were injured in various altercations. The judges of the Supreme Court, with Manuel Marchena as rapporteur, categorically reject that his tweet is criminal: he states, for example, about the accusation of hate crime that it is a “behavior about which no indication is provided and that is not inferred without more of the message “.