Tuesday, March 28

The Supreme Court urges the Tax Agency to recognize the trienniums of civil servant labor personnel

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Tax Agency (AEAT) must recognize the payment of the trienniums of civil servants, as follows from the order of January 22, which has been reported by the Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF) .

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Currently, there are more than 3,000 appeals filed by officials of the Tax Agency in which they claim their right to have the three-year periods recognized when they were employees be paid to them, after approving the opposition that made them officials.

The Supreme in the providence reproaches the AEAT that “there is already jurisprudence that resolves the question about the amount to be received in concept of trienniums recognized as labor personnel at the service of administrations and public entities after acquiring the status of civil servant”.

It also highlights that this group has the right to be paid three-year periods “in the amount corresponding to the time they were perfected.”

This is the third ruling on this issue, as the union recalls, which adds to the two rulings of the Supreme Court of 2019 in this regard. The Administrative Litigation Chambers of the Superior Courts of Justice have also ruled in the same vein in dozens of appeal rulings processed by CSIF’s legal services.

“We appreciate that the Supreme Court agrees with us again in defending the rights of these workers, for whom the Administration replaced the amount of their trienniums with those equivalent to those of civil servants, which has meant an economic loss for those affected. “said the union.

In this sense, from the union they do not understand that, after this new judicial setback, the Tax Agency continues to spend “thousands of euros” in these procedures when there is already clear jurisprudence and the issue is resolved favorably for this group.

For this reason, and after this new victory in the courts, the union has demanded that the AEAT desist, that it stop allocating public resources to all these judicial procedures and comply with what has already been resolved by the Supreme Court.