Sunday, August 7

The Supreme definitively annuls the plan that allows hundreds of floors to be built on the Cuatro Caminos garage

Final decision of the justice against the changes in the General Plan of Urban Planning of Madrid (PGOUM): the Supreme Court overturns the modification of the City Council approved by the Community to accommodate the hundreds of homes promoted on the old Cuatro Caminos Garage, some historic facilities that were demolished a year ago to lift the real estate development.

The high court dismisses the appeal of the regional government, the consistory and the Residential Metropolitan cooperative, promoter of the urbanization, before the ruling of the TSJM that annulled the planning in April 2021, according to the judicial ruling to which this has had access. newspaper, which is firm. It does so due to the absence “of the mandatory economic sustainability study or report” in the modification of the PGOUM that was approved in 2014.

The Supreme also does not allow the economic report or the environmental assessment to be included in the process of executing the sentence, so the actions that are based on said modification of the plan must stop at the moment of communication of the sentence. This can lead to the complete stoppage of the works.

In 2021, the Madrid City Council allowed the demolition of the century-old Cuatro Caminos Depot, considering that the initial judgment of the TSJM was not final and allowed the urban plan to continue. To do this, he appealed the court ruling to the Supreme Court and assumed that the works could go ahead.

“It is an incomprehensible, immeasurable and unjustifiable destruction,” lamented the Madrid Citizenship and Heritage Association (MCyP), an entity that fought in court to prevent the demolition and to which the Supreme Court has finally agreed. “It is also illegal, because the City Council ensures that the defects of the plan can be corrected, something that is not true and that will be demonstrated in the Supreme Court,” said its spokesman, Álvaro Bonet, a year ago. Finally, time and judicial decisions have confirmed his words.

At that time, MCyP accused the Urban Planning delegate of defending the “particular interests” of the cooperative members instead of the “common good.” Of the old garages, only the entrance arch to the underground platforms has survived, protected as part of the original complex, as well as about 75 linear meters of the eastern wall, which correspond to the ground floor enclosure of the demolished Casa Tuduri and six more modules . Around him is being prepared while what will be a real estate development with 443 homes and a tower over 100 meters high.

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