Monday, September 25

The Supreme Prosecutor’s Office requests the imputation of the former president of the Canary Islands for continued prevarication

The Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office understands that the former president of the Canary Islands Fernando Clavijo (Canarian Coalition) may have committed a continued crime of administrative prevarication in the so-called Reparos case, during part of his term as mayor of the city of La Laguna. And he therefore requests that he be summoned to testify as being investigated to conclude the investigation and, in his case, sit him on the bench. This is stated by the prosecutor José Martínez Jiménez throughout a four-page brief addressed to the Second Chamber of the high court in which he fully assumes the approach of the Investigating Judge 4 of La Laguna and the chief prosecutor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Maria Farnes Martinez.

This is the case Reparos: 20 contracts for 60 million, extended by Clavijo and his successor without calling a contest

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According to the Public Ministry, it has been made clear during the investigation of the case, before it was sent to the Supreme Court – due to Clavijo’s status as a taxpayer – that during the years 2011 to 2014 they were “extending and giving continuity to public service contracts , some of them millionaires, seriously contravening the Law on Public Sector Contracts and the bases and specifications of the respective competitions, despite the overwhelming objections formulated by the General Intervention” of the City Council of La Laguna.

Prosecutor Martínez Jiménez recalls that “more than one hundred decrees issued to lift the objections formulated by the municipal intervention have been counted, thus revealing a reiteration in this practice both in the temporal sphere and in the material that denotes a generalized, habitual and not punctual, based on reasons of urgency and/or emergency, as the respondent intends to assert for its justification.

The facts “must be qualified with the provisional nature of this phase of the criminal procedure as constituting a continued crime of administrative prevarication,” says the prosecutor. That it concludes that the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court is interested in assuming the jurisdiction of the investigation of the case, that a procedure be initiated to purge criminal responsibilities and that Fernando Clavijo be summoned to testify as an investigator, for which it will be necessary for the The High Court files a request before the Senate.

In the Reparos case, which Judge Ana Serrano-Jover instructs in La Laguna, the last mayor of the Canarian Coalition in the city, José Alberto Díaz (2015-2019), is charged. The judge opened a separate piece for the records of lifting objections signed by Fernando Clavijo, who was granted before the Supreme Court when he acquired the status of senator by election of the Parliament of the Canary Islands in 2019, once he lost the regional elections and opened against he another criminal case, the Grúas case, which was subsequently archived by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, which now has it investigated again.

Like the Grúas case, the Reparos case was launched as a result of the complaint by the councilor of Avante La Laguna, Santiago Pérez, currently a senator for the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.