Thursday, December 7

The surprise resignation of the British economy and health ministers puts Boris Johnson on the tightrope

The crisis returns to the Government of Boris Johnson. The Ministers of Economy, Rishi Sunak, and Health, Sajid Javid, presented their resignation to the Prime Minister on Tuesday after the management of the latest scandal that has touched their party, the accusations of sexual harassment against one of the heads of the conservative parliamentary group . Javid assures that he has resigned by “losing confidence” in Johnson and Sunak has said that the Government must function “adequately, competently and seriously”.

Sunak and Javid leave Johnson’s cabinet in the midst of a controversy over the management of complaints about the behavior of deputy Chris Pincher, who last week resigned as head of the conservative formation’s discipline after it came to light that he had allegedly tampered with two men in an exclusive private club in London.

The prime minister acknowledged on Monday that he was aware of the earlier accusations against Pincher before appointing him in February to be responsible for managing his party’s discipline. A spokesman had said last week that the prime minister was not aware of any “specific” allegations against Pincher. Now, he admits that Johnson was aware of concerns about him, which “had either been resolved or not led to a formal complaint.”

The BBC revealed on Monday that Pincher was investigated for inappropriate sexual behavior, with a confirmed complaint, when he led the Foreign Affairs portfolio (2019-2020) and that the prime minister had been informed about it.