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The survivors of the patera rescued this morning near Fuerteventura say that at least 14 people died on the journey

At least 14 people have died when they tried to reach the Canary Islands in a pneumatic that has been rescued this morning in Fuerteventura, according to the testimony of the survivors, sources from the Government Delegation on the island have informed Efe. The same sources have confirmed the death of two people on reaching land as well as that the boat sailed from Tan-Tan, a city in southern Morocco, last Friday.

Rescued a boat with a deceased and 31 other migrants on board near Fuerteventura

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The number of victims is not yet closed because the testimonies of the survivors differ: some have told the medical services that 12 of their companions, including two minors, died at sea; while others say that in total between 58 and 60 people were on board, which would raise the death toll to thirty.

On the boat, when it was located at 3:00 am on Tuesday about 18 kilometers from the Entallada Lighthouse, there were 32 people (16 men and 16 women, one of them deceased). According to the testimony of the occupants of the pneumatic, those who died in the days before the rescue were thrown into the water.

The occupants of the boat called the 1-1-2 of the Canary Islands at dawn and the Maritime Rescue helicopter located them and evacuated two of them to land, the deceased and another person with severe hypothermia. A Maritime Rescue boat rescued the rest of the boat’s occupants, 30 people, and took them to Puerto del Rosario.

Three of the rescued people, including a minor, were taken to hospital with mild hypothermia.

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