Monday, August 15

The T-Mobile hack is more serious than previously thought | Digital Trends Spanish

The hack To the T-Mobile servers that the company recognized a few days ago, it turned out to be something more serious than previously thought. Because first it was said that there was no personal data involved in the theft, but finally there was.

According to new information released By T-Mobile, more than 12 million contract user data was compromised. And this data includes personal information: first and last names, date of birth, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, phone numbers, and IMEI and IMSI identifiers.

Additionally, it was also discovered that among the stolen data there is information on more than 667,000 former clients of the company. This information includes their names, addresses, phone numbers, or dates of birth, but not social security or driver’s license numbers.

Chris Potter / Flickr

More importantly, T-Mobile ensures that so far there is no indication that credit card information is among all the data stolen in the hack.

However, the investigation is ongoing so it is possible that there will be more news on the subject in the future. T-Mobile has offered extended protection to all affected users, but that hasn’t stopped it from already being logged in. a class action lawsuit in a Washington court against the company.

This lawsuit says that the measures taken by the company are not adequate for the affected users. In particular, it is ensured that the two-year extra protection program is insufficient, since victims of this type of hack “They can feel the consequences for up to seven years.”

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