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The T. Rex had short arms for an absurd reason | Digital Trends Spanish

The tiny arms of the T-Rex contrast with the enormous body of this one, known to be one of the most voracious carnivorous dinosaurs during the Jurassic era.

Scientists disagree on why this animal had such ridiculous limbs, but a new study from the University of California at Berkeley sheds light on the matter.

Paleontologist Kevin Padian has been teaching a seminar for freshmen at this university for 20 years. During all this time he has always found himself with a recurring question: why are the arms of the Tyrannosaurus rex so short?

To put us in this situation, one of these animals had an average size of about 14 meters high, but its arms would only have been one meter long. This is the equivalent of a person with a height of 1.80 having arms of 12 centimeters.

A possible answer to the question can be found in an article published by Padian in the magazine Polish Palaeontology Act. In his text, the researcher says that the arms of this prehistoric giant shrank to prevent the accidental (or intentional) amputation of other T. Rex when they gathered in a group on a carcass to feed.

“What if your friend thinks you’re getting too close? It could warn you to stay away by ripping your arm off,” says the author of the new article. “So it might be beneficial to reduce the size of your forelimbs, since you’re not using them in predation anyway,” he adds.

At the moment it is only a hypothesis like those that have been considered previously, for example, that these tiny arms were used by the animal for mating or to hold the prey during the hunt.

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