Sunday, December 10

The Table of the Parliament decides to maintain the voting delegation of Lluís Puig and studies how to apply it

The Table of the Parlament has decided this Tuesday to maintain the voting delegation of the Junts deputy and former minister Lluís Puig, who resides in Belgium, and will meet again this Tuesday afternoon to study how to make it effective, parliamentary sources have explained.

The Table has decided by majority and without the support of the two members of the PSC-Units, after the Constitutional Court (TC) annulled Puig’s voting delegation agreed in March of last year.

The same parliamentary sources have highlighted that the March Puig vote delegation agreement was replaced by another in October, for which they consider that the annulment of the March agreement does not affect the current one, which is not contested, they have indicated.

Thus, the Table has agreed to maintain its voting delegation “for all legal and political purposes”, and will meet again to study the mechanisms to guarantee that this delegation is maintained.

“The practical applicability of this decision of the Board has to be seen”, have indicated the parliamentary sources, who have assured that Parliament’s lawyers have pointed to the jurisprudence on which the TC agreement is based.

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The TC annulled the March vote delegation agreements by estimating an appeal presented by the leader of the PSC-Units and head of the opposition, Salvador Illa, thus applying the doctrine established in response to previous appeals by Cs and PP.

Specifically, Illa presented an appeal for the delegation of votes that the president of the Chamber, Laura Borràs, accepted in March 2021 and that, a day later, the whole of the Table accepted.

The Table has received this same Tuesday another ruling from the TC on the amparo appeal filed by the PP against the agreements of the governing body of the Chamber on the delegation of votes of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and the former minister Toni Comín, who no longer It has effects because they are no longer members of Parliament, they have recalled.