Tuesday, July 5

The take off of a fighter to intercept an unidentified flight forces to interrupt an act of Sánchez with the President of Lithuania

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his Lithuanian counterpart, Gitanas Nauseda, have had to interrupt their joint appearance at the Siauliai base after the Lithuanian military detected that a plane – it is unknown whether civil or military – has flown over the Baltic and, following protocol, forced a fighter to take off to identify it.

The fighter was just behind Sánchez and Nauseda, so during the Lithuanian president’s intervention it was possible to observe how the military got into the aviation while the leader continued to speak. The Spanish president has explained to Nauseda, visibly confused, the type of military alert that was involved before both left the place.

The procedure now is to identify and capture images and as much information as possible about the unidentified flight. The fighters that have left the base are two Eurofighters from Wing 14, the mission deployed until August 31. These planes were scheduled to carry out a drill within the framework of the meeting between the Spanish and Lithuanian president, which was to consist of the fighters going out to train and then accompanying the president’s plane.

The President of the Government is in Lithuania on his three-day trip to the Baltic countries, with a day in which he visited Spanish troops on a NATO mission at the Siauliai base, where there are seven Spanish Eurofighter aircraft deployed to the August 31 at the NATO Baltic Air Police mission. This mission began in 2004 after the entry of the Baltic countries into NATO and since 2006 Spain has participated eight times.