Friday, September 24

The Taliban block the passage of Afghans to the airport and insist that the deadline for evacuations is not extended

The Taliban announced Tuesday that from now on Afghan citizens will not be able to go to the airfield, a measure that will hamper attempts by the United States and other nations to evacuate vulnerable Afghan allies from the country.

“We will not allow any Afghans to go to the airport,” the main insurgent spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said at a press conference in Kabul, assuring that “the crowds at the airport must return to their homes” promising that they “will guarantee their safety.” .

“The road that leads to the Kabul airport has been blocked. Foreigners will be able to pass, but Afghans are not allowed to pass,” said Mujahid, who assured that this is about putting an end to the chaos unleashed after the seizure of power. of the Taliban, with tens of thousands of people desperately trying to flee the country on evacuation flights.

The road leading to Kabul airport has been blocked. Foreigners may pass, but Afghans are not allowed to pass

Zabihullah Mujahid
– Spokesperson for the Taliban

The Taliban deny that there is a list of possible retaliatory targets, although several witnesses and UN reports claim otherwise, recounting how those who collaborated with US and NATO forces are being hunted.

Mujahid also called on the United States “not to encourage Afghans to flee their country.” “This country needs our doctors, engineers and people with training, we need these talents,” he added.

There will be no extension

While several governments pressure the US to extend their stay, the Taliban have already threatened the Biden administration not to do so and leave the country permanently on August 31.

This Tuesday, after the meeting between the director of the CIA and Abdul Ghani Baradar, leader of the Taliban, the spokesman for the Islamists, Mujahid, has insisted that “there will be no extensions” to the deadline. According to the AP agency, the spokesman has assured that the Taliban forces will seize the airport on August 31, adding that the deployment of the Turkish troops working there will not be necessary either.

The new refusal of the Taliban comes in the middle of the meeting of the G7 leaders, where it is likely that this issue has been addressed. Several NATO allied countries have been in favor of extending their stay in Afghanistan beyond August 31, but acknowledge that they will not do so if the US leaves.