Saturday, September 25

The Taliban celebrate their victory with a military parade aboard US and NATO Humvees



The Taliban have paraded this Wednesday in Kandahar aboard military vehicles, including many Humvees seized from the Americans, NATO and the former government on the battlefield.

Many of the vehicles were flying the white flag with black Taliban inscriptions, according to the AFP agency.

The Islamists, who vowed not to take revenge on those who worked for the previous government, must restart the war-torn economy that relies primarily on international aid, much of which has been frozen.

Their most urgent challenge will be to find the funds to pay the salaries of civil servants and keep vital infrastructure (water, electricity, communications) running.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, warned on Tuesday of an imminent “humanitarian catastrophe” in Afghanistan and of a “total collapse of basic services”, for which he requested funds for the country.

The Taliban must also show that they have the expertise to run the country, as tens of thousands of Afghans, often among the most skilled, have been evacuated.

The rest of the world is also waiting for your announcements about the Kabul airport, from where western countries more than 123,000 people were evacuated, Afghans and foreigners, between August 14 and 30.

“Technical assistance”

A Qatari plane with technical equipment landed at the airfield on Wednesday. According to a source familiar with the matter to AFP, the Taliban have made a request for “technical assistance” to “resume operations” in this essential facility for humanitarian aid.

Qatar on Wednesday urged the new regime to guarantee a “safe route” for those who want to leave the country.

“We have insisted, with the Taliban, on the issue of freedom of movement so that there is a safe path for people who want to leave or enter,” the head of Qatari diplomacy declared in Doha. Mohamed bin Abderrahman Al Thani.

Qatar played a mediating role in the peace process between the Afghan government and the Taliban, before they took power. Doha has maintained a privileged link with the new regime ever since.

On Tuesday night, from the White House, Biden said that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was “the best decision for the United States.”

Biden is being widely criticized at home, and many Americans wonder what the two decades of war in Afghanistan were of any use.

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