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The Taliban demand official recognition from Germany and money to continue negotiating




After several days of negotiation, in which the German diplomats had tea with the Taliban and took an interest in each of the members of their numerous families, as tradition dictates, the meetings have begun to gain content. The new holders of power in Afghanistan, at this point, have demanded that Germany establish “official diplomatic relations” to continue speaking and to accede to Berlin’s request for permission to continue evacuating people on civilian flights. «We want strong and official diplomatic relations“Demanded the main spokesman of the Taliban, Zabihulla Mujahid, who wishes to usher in a new stage of bilateral relations in which he expects financial support, humanitarian aid and cooperation in health, agriculture and education. The German Minister of Development, Gerd Müller, has suspended “all development cooperation with Afghanistan”, which had been representing about 430 million euros a year. This is the amount the Taliban want to get back.

Mujahid thus threw a jug of cold water on German diplomacy, which sought to make the omelette of evacuations without breaking the eggs of recognition of the new Afghan government. The visible face of the Taliban in power has given interviews to several German media in which he guarantees the freedom and safety of the Germans in Afghanistan and their collaborators, recalling the hundred years of good bilateral cooperation and later regretting that “the Germans have allied with the United States»During a parenthesis that« has already passed and is already forgiven ».

After a tour of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan and several contacts of German diplomacy with the Taliban, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas it had publicly expressed its intention to reopen the embassy in Kabul as soon as possible, but without this implying an official recognition of the current government of Afghanistan. Chancellor Merkel insisted yesterday, as the content of the interviews with Mujahid began to leak, on the need to continue holding negotiations with the Taliban to continue with the evacuations. “We just have to talk to the Taliban about how we can get people who have worked for Germany out of the country and into safety.” He added during an electoral rally with his party’s candidate, Armin Laschet, that clear conditions would have to be formulated for the international community under which cooperation would be possible.

Mujahid has appointed a special envoy for European countries in our political office in Doha, Mawlawi Abdulhaq Wasiq, and has designated him as the interlocutor for the new relationship, in which “we would be very happy if Germany supported us and the people of our country, because historically we have had strong and good diplomatic and economic relations with Germany. We want to revive the friendly atmosphere that existed between Afghans and Germans. The next government will be based on a friendly relationship with Germany. ‘

Mujahid makes it very clear that “the people of Afghanistan are Muslim and Sharia is the law of the government… The Afghans fought for it for 40 years and the war of the last two decades had two objectives: first to end the presence of the armed forces. and second to implement Sharia law in Afghanistan. The Afghan people have the right to create, apply and live their own laws in accordance with their religious principles and national interests. He opted for Sharia law and has made great sacrifices for it. But at the same time it offers guarantees that Afghanistan will not be a new focus of international terrorism.

40,000 Afghans

“ISIS is not a threat,” he says, “the attacks on the Germans occurred because the Germans occupied our country and participated in the war. We never intended to fight Germany or have problems with the country. Now that the international armed forces have left Afghanistan, no one intends to attack Germany or its citizens here. There are no such intentions and the Germans will be safe in our country. ‘ He also assures that “ISIS will change” … “Now that foreign troops have left the country and there is a new Islamic government, no one will have any reason to cling to an idea from abroad and cause hysteria and fights. That is why we can assure you that such ideas will not be taken up here in this country.

The former ambassador to Afghanistan and a man from the Foreign Ministry in talks with the Taliban, Markus Potzel, is in Doha. The German government has estimated at around 40,000 the number of Afghans entitled to be rescued, among local recruits, collaborators of NGOs and other German organizations, activists or journalists, as well as people from their immediate family nucleus. The Uzbekistani authorities have shown themselves willing to maintain collaboration with Berlin, as the basis for the evacuation airlift, always under the condition that the evacuated persons do not remain in their territory.

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