Thursday, September 16

The Taliban give the people of Kabul a week to deliver official equipment, including weapons




The taliban They have given the people of Kabul a week to hand over to the movement any type of material belonging to the former Afghan government, including weapons, as stated by the spokesman and current “Minister of Culture” of the regime, Zabibulá Muyahid.

The decision is one more step for the Taliban in their attempt to consolidate their control in the Afghan capital as they are about to complete two weeks after their reconquest of the country. Right now, the network Haqqani, a group very closely related to the movement, is in front of the checkpoints in the city.

However, the security situation is far from under control. Proof of this was the attack perpetrated on Thursday by the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State (Islamic State – Khorasan Province) during the Kabul evacuations, which killed 170 people.

The Taliban spokesman has tried to appease the population by ensuring, in statements collected by Jaama Press, a deal “legal»To anyone who breaches this ultimatum to deliver the material of the old authorities.

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