Tuesday, September 28

The Taliban prohibit leaving Afghanistan until there is a government and the airport is operational



The Taliban have issued a new directive that prohibits the population from traveling abroad until they finish setting up the new Government and the International Airport.l Hamid Karzai from Acceptance to be fully operational again, something for which there is still no date.

A spokesperson for the Taliban, Zabihula Mujahid, has explained that trips outside of Afghanistan will have to wait until the Interior and Foreign Ministries are operational, which affects the entire population, regardless of your documentation, according to the Jaama agency. Likewise, a Taliban official informed AFP that the Taliban will announce this Tuesday night the first members of the new government.

The insurgents had promised that they would allow the exit of those who had the documentation in order, but for now they have already made it clear that they want to control any movement. Thus, they would not have allowed flights to be chartered from Mazar e Sharif, in northern Afghanistan.

The Kabul airport has only resumed internal flights, pending technical examinations that it leads Qatar. The Qatari government has not set a deadline for the reopening, while Turkey, which the Taliban have also asked for help, has warned that serious security concerns remain.

The date on which the composition of the future Administration will be announced is also up in the air, after several insurgent spokesmen have assumed in successive interviews that it will be “soon.” The international community has demanded that it be an inclusive government that incorporates women.

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