Sunday, July 3

The Tamagotchi return in the form of a smart watch | Digital Trends Spanish

The nostalgic are in luck because the mythical Tamagotchi are back, but in a more current way.

And it is that Bandai has announced the launch of the new Tamagotchi Smart, a smart watch that will allow you to always carry your virtual pet with you. Unlike the original models, the new Tamagotchi in clock format has a color touch screen and voice control.

Although it has the three classic physical buttons that it inherits from previous versions, almost all the actions that you will be able to execute with the Tamagotchi Smart are carried out through the touch controls on the screen. Among some of the voice commands available is the possibility of waking up the pet by speaking directly to it.

According to what Bandai shows in its video, this Tamagotchi Smart comes with new characters and is compatible with TamaSma cards, with which it is possible to unlock new characters and objects. These physical cards are sold separately. It seems that in addition the clock will offer the possibility of playing music and counting our steps, all with a battery of up to 30 hours of autonomy.

At the moment there is no data on the availability of this fun toy in other countries besides Japan. The only information that Bandai has offered is that the Tamagotchi Smart will begin to be sold in the Japanese country as of next November for 6,380 yen (about $ 58 dollars to change approximately). TamaSma cards will go on sale on the same date for 1,000 yen.

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