Wednesday, May 18

The taskbar in Windows 11 will remain in place | Digital Trends Spanish

Unlike previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system, the Windows 11 taskbar is and will remain static. The news emerged in a recent session of Ask Me Anything (AMA), which the Redmond company celebrates on YouTube.

In the past, the element could be moved to the top of the screen or placed vertically on one of the sides. However, media like neowin reported that it will no longer move from the bottom horizontal strip of computers.

Making it dynamic again, in the words of Microsoft product manager Tali Roth, is too much work. Furthermore, few users are asking for the feature, compared to those who are indifferent or keep it down.

“When it comes to something like being able to move the taskbar to different places on the screen, there are a number of challenges,” he said. As he predicted, it is very likely that the accommodations that other related applications need to be “enormous”.

For the executive, the group of users who defend the mobile taskbar in Windows “is very small” versus those who ask for “other features”. “Right now, we continue to focus on the things that I hear the most complaints about,” she added.

“It’s one of those things that we’re still looking into, and we’ll continue to listen for feedback,” Roth said. “At the moment, we don’t have a plan or a set date for when, or if, we should build a sidebar,” she explained.

Interestingly, the evidence in the Feedback Hub does not support the Microsoft product manager’s rationale. The option to move the taskbar was the most popular idea at press time, with close to 18,000 likes and 1,200 comments.

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