Tuesday, January 18

The taste for the truth, Your Majesty

“Learn to become your best adversary, the one who wakes you up and stimulates you with his sting”

Pascal bruckner


I don’t even want to remember those of you who live on La Palma. Today we are not with you. You do not have our solidarity, we do not care about your misfortune. Give them all there.

There’s the covid thing. I didn’t tell you about this last year. The situation is the same, we have not made any progress with vaccines or with the large number of Spaniards who have been vaccinated. We are ashamed of the vaccination process in our country. We do not have to do anything else, the virus should not be part of our objective. We have already forgotten the victims and the health workers to whom we have nothing to thank.

No one has suffered or is suffering the economic consequences of the pandemic. We have not grown again or have recovered jobs and the number of employed people does not evolve but we do not have to worry about rising prices or the cost of energy or the difficulties young people have in finding a job.

Countries do not depend on each other, global solutions are not required for common challenges such as health. There is no reason to be alert since the scenario is not one of uncertainty.

To do? Do not react. Not assuming the transformations and not adapting to the changes.

We want neither advanced societies nor strong welfare states. We do not want to continue promoting equality between men and women, we do not aspire to be at the forefront of technology, and sustainability and the planet’s environmental balance is silly.

I believe that these challenges are not a crossroads for Spain and that in what we do or decide now we are not risking anything in our future.

In this task, the institutions have no responsibility. We do not have to value general interests or think about citizens. We must not assume our role or our obligations or respect or comply with the laws or be an example of integrity.

Neither understanding nor collaboration is necessary. Differences of opinion are enough to prevent consensus and it should be. We are a shitty society forged in the last 40 years. We do not know where we are going nor are we aware of where we come from. Democratic change has had nothing to do with Spaniards and the Constitution that we have given ourselves is useless. Our future is alien to the European Union. The funds thing is not a unique occasion.

We are not going through a difficult time and stopping is moving forward. We do not have to move on, the Spanish have never done it in the face of difficulties. There is no possible future and we cannot rely on our strength as a nation to face it.

Let’s move on from those who today work to ensure our health and safety, they are idiots. I don’t care knowing that you haven’t paid me any attention.

Eguberri On, Bon nadal, Boas festas ”

Thirteen minutes and twenty seconds. Could the head of state say this? Reductio ad absurdum. It is a logical method of proof that starts from assuming the hypothetical veracity of a proposition. If the final derivation is a contradiction, the argument is invalid. Could the head of state say on the so-called good night what I have paraphrased? No. It is absurd. He could only say his opposite, that is, he did not say anything. As usual. An ordeal. Nothing at all.

Thirteen minutes and twenty seconds. It’s good to be king. At least no one bargains your time even if you are providing the void. Even my absurd paraphrase captures more attention.

I did not see the message. I stopped doing it a long time ago. Thirteen minutes is a life. Da to plate and prepare the entire dinner.

This is the greatest misfortune of the monarchy. In the end, creating controversies and centers of attention, with whether the elders of the lineage come or go, it is a favor. At least it is a story with mystery and it brings interest.

A king in profile is the void.

Could you say anything else? No, ergo he didn’t say anything.

To be the only speech that leaves their House, they do not try very hard.




Nobody would put it up for a text analysis in Selectividad.

That is the drama they must face. They now believe that neutrality is bland and when they had to enter the scene they did so on the side.

The French philosopher of science Étienne Klein accuses in “The Taste for Truth” of having wanted to turn science into a story equal to the others. It shows that the pandemic has revealed that we have forgotten the lessons and the little credit we give to rationality and science. He says that on the one hand ignorance takes power and on the other the so-called “authority” argument, like his, aims to crush everything in its path. When the credibility of everything falls under the weight of opinion, how to keep a taste for the truth?

How to do it, Your Majesty?

I like the truth. I like the content, the substance, the thought, the rationality. His speech was a concatenation of the obvious. Each of his sentences was, there was no room for the opposite. Not only cannot I applaud him, as lackeys do, but I don’t have the strength to take it on His Majesty for such emptiness. I already told you I have something in the oven. His speech is only destined for irrelevance and oblivion.

No one would be given thirteen minutes and twenty seconds in prime time to say something so expendable.

If that is its power, that is also its fragility.


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