Sunday, October 1

The Tax Agency finds 5,578 million euros from large Spanish companies abroad

The Tax Agency has surfaced 5,578 million euros through inspections on the international taxation of large multinational companies, as announced by this body in a statement. This is due to the regularization of the tax bases —the result from which the tax is calculated— after 112 inspection actions carried out by the treasury during the past year. It represents a growth of more than 80% in the regularized amounts compared to what was achieved in 2020 thanks to a specific action that the agency does not identify. Without it, growth would have been 35%.

The body has published this Thursday the memory of its inspection actions last year. In total, 1.8 million inspections have been carried out last year, which represents an increase of more than 10% compared to 2020 and exceeds the data for 2019, prior to the pandemic, by more than 9%. The Tax Agency highlights, of this total, the almost 36,600 inspections that have been carried out on large companies and assets, corporate abuses and the underground economy, with an increase of more than 23%.

These operations have allowed the Tax Agency to collect just under 15,000 million euros, 17% more than in 2020. Of the total, just over 9,000 million euros correspond to direct income, another 5,100 million to reduce refunds, and others 755 million for declarations after the deadline without a prior requirement. In addition, the Tax Agency has emerged from large taxpayers almost 5,000 million euros after reviewing the negative tax bases that had been declared. “These are very relevant actions that, although they do not count in the control results, since they do not imply income or a reduction in returns, they are of great importance to widen future tax bases and increase collection”, the Tax Agency has indicated.

One of the pillars indicated by the tax authority is the identification and control of the taxation of large estates. In this field, 1,165 actions have been carried out, 57% more, with which 540 million euros of debt have been settled. Since 2018, when a relevant asset coordination unit was created, more than 1,900 million of 3,200 files have been settled. In addition, more inspections have been carried out, some using big data tools, to detect false non-residents. That is to say, people who live in Spain but who have fixed their tax residence in other countries, mainly with lower collection. 223 inspections have been carried out that have ended with the detection of 69 taxpayers with whom 24.5 million euros have been settled for being “artificially located in thirty countries”.

The inspections of large estates have focused, among other aspects, on the irregular use of companies to reduce taxation. Thus, among other data, the Tax Agency has detected 2,800 high-value residential homes in the name of 2,500 companies.

In what is known as the underground economy, the Tax Agency has carried out 2,200 inspections last year in which hidden sales were found and with which 400 million euros were regularized. The agency’s computer audit services made it possible to settle fees and penalties of 173 million in almost 3,000 inspection records after detecting hidden income. In addition, the Tax Agency has continued to make notices to landlords so that they pay taxes on this income. In six years, an additional collection of 860 million euros has been achieved after more than 7,100 million have surfaced.