Saturday, September 25

The teachers of a school in Cáceres refuse to teach the two minors who do not wear masks

The teachers of the CEIP Alba Plata de Cáceres have unanimously decided that they will not teach in a separate classroom to the two sisters whose family refuses to use a mask in the center because they consider that the measure adopted by the Board “is exposing” health of the educational community, made up of more than 500 people, when the bubble groups were broken.

The spokesperson for the faculty and non-teaching staff of Alba Plata, Patricia Rodríguez, read a statement on Wednesday at the doors of the school in Cáceres, where this morning the minors came along with their parents, the latter wearing a mask, according to Efe. , to receive classes in a space without more students, as decided on Tuesday by the Ministry of Education and Employment, after consulting its legal services. The measure has provoked criticism from both teachers and parents of the Alba Plata school, supported by the Education unions.

“We teachers refuse to enter individually to teach girls because we are exposing ourselves and our bubble groups, our students and their families, to the virus and to be able to get infected,” the spokeswoman for the faculty stressed in statements to the media. . In his opinion, the administration is putting the right to education before the right to health of the entire educational community, both contemplated in the Constitution.

As a solution, they suggest virtual teaching for the students, who last year did not attend school at this center, although they did other courses, and they urge the Board to ensure the health of the educational community and “for all its workers first, I don’t know any company that cares so little for its workers. ” “They do not have to come to the center, you have to respect the decision of each one, but you have to respect the decisions of the community, we live in society and the rules are the same for everyone,” Rodríguez said.

In addition, he stressed that the teachers do not understand how these two girls are allowed to access this center without a mask, where it happens that, thanks to the work of the teachers, from 3 to 6 years old, in Infant they also wear them, although it is not mandatory.

“As a mother, or those girls put on the mask or they would not enter school, the same treatment that is being given them is not being fair,” said Ana María Sánchez, a member of the AMPA board of directors, who has wondered if the girls “are more than the rest of the students.”

According to this mother, these minors are not being treated the same as the rest, about 448 students in total at the center, and she assures that “they are left wanting to play with their classmates” due to the alleged “denialism” of their students. parents, something that “we cannot accept when there are children who really need other means that the school does not have”.

“As AMPA we want these girls to have a dignified education with their classmates, who are not singled out by what their parents believe. They are minors and must be protected and the first to do so is the Board, the Ministry of Education,” he remarked Leticia Rubio, also a member of the AMPA.

In this sense, he has indicated that parents are not “against anyone”, but only want “the good of all”, so if there is a justification for not wearing the mask, he has said that ” to protect the rest, if the regulations are not carried out, “he urged.

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