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The ten films that have caused the most talk in San Sebastián and when they arrive at the cinema

The record of the San Sebastián festival is still unknown. But while the jury debates to award the Golden Shell to the best film in the Official Selection, and the public does the same with the Pearls, some films have fueled the debate during the last week and a half. We compile a dozen titles that will be released soon in theaters (those that have not already done so) and we summarize why they are a good option to sign up for the agenda.

‘It was the hand of God’

Premiere: December 3, 2021

Paolo Sorrentino has a beautiful and funny way of narrating the worst year of his life. Director of The great beauty and The Young Pope he lost his parents in an accident that escaped him by going to see Maradona play. He was 16 years old and the soccer star had just arrived in Naples, where he lived the darkest time of his career. The film is a clear tribute to the Argentine, who in Sorrentino’s words “gave them back the joy of living, hope and freedom.”

It was the hand of God It does not revolve around soccer or Maradona. It is a love letter to his parents, to adolescence, to the great Neapolitan family and to his hometown. Fellini used to say that cinema is useless. It just distracts us from reality. Perhaps that is why the Italian recounts a traumatic year with a lot of humor and excess. The sweetness of the actor Filippo Scotti helps him turn the sordid into a fable. Sorrentino has not lost an iota of her style in this latest production, but she is less smug and much more honest than all the previous ones.

Plus: The day Sorrentino was resurrected thanks to Maradona: “He has many similarities with the God that I love”


Premiere: September 24, 2021

Icíar Bollaín borrowed the most intimate memories of Maixabel Lasa. The result is not only respectful and sober, but the director of I give you my eyes and Rosa’s wedding has filmed one of the best stories about ETA. Blanca Portillo, in the skin of Lasa, is the widow of an ETA victim who was murdered in 2000 by three shots to the neck. It was Juan María Jáuregui, a socialist politician from the Basque Country. Fourteen years after the attack, Maixabel faced everything and everyone for sitting down to listen to the men who were part of that command.

“It seems incredible to me that a victim wants to talk to the person who has done him the most damage. And also the trip they make. How do you go from being a member of the military in ETA and committing those murders to sitting in front of the victim and admitting that they did wrong? ? “Bollaín wondered in conversation with this newspaper. Terror does not need dressings and she was very clear about it. Although the balance between victim and executioner is total, the film does not neglect the pain of the first. It gives you an answer.

Plus: Interview with Icíar Bollaín: “Anyone with a certain left-wing sensitivity could be absorbed by ETA”


Premiere: October 8, 2021

Julia Ducournau is the fashionable name. In Cannes, she was the second woman winner of the Palme d’Or in the history of the festival for Titane, but that has become almost a secondary issue. What has really upset the critics is the film itself. East thriller violent and loud is a steamroller of gender stereotypes: the firefighter, the pregnant woman, the victim of sexual harassment, the father or the serial killer.

“I know it is unbearable that women are violent because yes, that’s why I wrote this character,” the actress revealed about her protagonist: Alexia, in the first half of the film, and Adrien in the second. “His rage and anger are born from the realization that women are predestined to be victims.” Hence Titane may not be suitable for all stomachs. His violence is explicit and grating, but it does not invalidate his political discourse. Is he shock necessary to start debating complex issues.

Plus: The most beastly winner of Cannes: “The stalker does not believe that his victim can kill him in cold blood”


Premiere: October 1, 2021

It is a divine miracle that Paul Verhoeven premieres Benedetta. In times when the ultra-Catholic right wing denounces that vaginas are taken out in procession and that there is an artist disguised as a Virgin on the cover of his album, the Dutch director goes beyond all limits. Russia has already censured it as “provocative”, but it is certainly not the last action against it. nunsploitation, a twist on movies starring nuns.

Benedetta is a 17th century nun who as a child was given by her parents to the Convent of the Theatines in Tuscany. The calf is a devoted believer and claims to be able to perform miracles and speak with Jesus. The arrival of the beautiful Bartolomea to the convent, a peasant woman fleeing sexual abuse and mistreatment by her father, will put the first of her offerings to God in check. At that moment, they both start a lesbian relationship and star in sex scenes that border on iconoclasm. Verhoeven, at 83, returns after Elle with the same desire to sow chaos.

Plus: Lesbian nuns and a eunuch Christ: Benedetta does not believe in phallocentrism.

‘The good boss’

Premiere: October 15, 2021

The good boss It revolves around Julio Blanco, president of an industrial scale company and the typical “nice guy” who likes him and is close to all the employees. He likes to define himself as a father to his subordinates and all of them as a “family.” Javier Bardem gets into the shoes of Blanco, the canallita boss who keeps reminiscences with characters from the recent history of Spain. “Spain is full of close and funny characters who did atrocities in the name of that: from Jesús Gil to the emeritus king,” the actor told us.

Fernando León de Aranoa returns from the hand of his fetish actor and good friend to narrate this thriller “office” that embodies the worst of the labor system. Almost 20 years after Mondays in the sun performer and director show the other side of the same coin. There they predicted the crisis of 2008, are they now predicting a new one?

Plus: Javier Bardem and the charismatic “bastard”: “We need people to put their faces to be broken”

‘The grandmother’

Premiere: October 22, 2021

Paco Plaza turns the fear of old age into a demon capable of possessing in The grandmother. Director of Veronica and Who kills iron It approaches from the terror the step and weight of the years in the physical, but especially in the emotional thing. The film, whose script is signed by Carlos Vermut (Magical Girl), starts with a young model who lives in Paris and is forced to return to Spain to take care of her grandmother, who has suffered a stroke. From here, the dictatorship of the image and its grim consequences unleash an unbearable tension that increases throughout the film.

The model – Coco Chanel’s favorite – and Brazilian interpreter Vera Valdez embodies the enigmatic old woman and forms an effective tandem with the debutant Almudena Amor. The young actress from Madrid, who has also presented in San Sebastián The good boss, It will surely be among the Goya candidates for Best New Actress of the year.

‘Tammy Faye’s eyes’

Premiere: February 25, 2021

Tammy Faye and her husband Jim Bakker set up one of the most important religious chains on the planet between the 70s and 80s. And, thanks to the money of its parishioners – whom they call partners – an entire urban empire that included even a theme park.

Michael Showalter (The Big Sick) rescues his story of rise, fall and redemption in a film that has everything to succeed at the box office. In large part, thanks to a Jessica Chastain who provides one of the best roles of her career – if not the most – in the skin of a woman who fell in love with the world with her way of singing, her messages of acceptance and her histrionic appearance. its partner in this friendly biopic it’s Andrew Garfield.

‘The power of the dog’

Premiere: November 19, 2021

Jane Campion won the Silver Lion for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival with this brilliant and complex western. The director of The piano bare masculinity with all its edges on a 1925 Montana ranch. Its owner, the charismatic Phil Burbank (a splendid Benedict Cumberbatch) instills fear and admiration in those around him; but his ‘fiefdom’ is shaken when his brother marries a widow and brings her home with their son.

The absolute imposition of patriarchy in rural America forces men to adopt a constant defensive posture, which also implies having to comply and, of course, not having any kind of freedom to express themselves and be felt. In such an environment, being an effeminate young man means having everything against him, but Campion ditch all hint of ‘grief’ to capture the rebellion of those who manage to survive being ‘different’.

‘The French Dispatch’

Premiere: October 22, 2021

“Try to make it look like you wrote it on purpose,” the editor (Bill Murray) of a newspaper asks its editors before they start their articles. Wes Anderson enters the world of journalism this time with a film in which he takes a step further in terms of the virtuosity of his particular style. The changes in format and color, the obsessive geometry, the hieratic character of its characters and the value of the details are once again a constant to the delight of its usual followers.

Benicio Del Toro, Frances McDormand, Adrien Brody, Timothée Chalamet, Léa Seydoux, Tilda Swinton and Owen Wilson lead the film’s choral cast, which, although it does not measure up to great works by the filmmaker such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Trip to Darjeeling or Rushmore Academy; it does maintain its genuine essence with a strong component of melancholy.

‘Who prevents it’

Premiere: October 22, 2021

Jonás Trueba composes this multifaceted, revealing and valuable mosaic of a generation of adolescents who finally tell themselves. Who prevents it could be defined as a kind of Boyhood to the Spanish. A film that has been shot for four years (2016-2020) and that is so anchored in life that, despite its three and a half hours, it could afford to have no end.

The author of The virgin of august and The reconquest gives youth space to share their reflections, their concerns, their worries, their desire to live, to change and to dance. And attending their conversations is an enthusiastic, inspiring and nostalgic class that anchors in the armchair. Undoubtedly, a unique feature film that calls for its naturalness, everyday life and honesty.

Extra ball: ‘La Fortuna’ (series)

Premiere: September 30

Alejandro Amenábar makes the leap to television with The Fortune, a series of adventures that takes our culture and heritage very seriously. In it, two young officials convince the Minister to investigate that a marine treasure found by an American company belongs to Spain. “I wanted to show anonymous people that, from institutions that have many problems and shortcomings, they fight for the right thing and things turn out well,” explained the filmmaker at the press conference.

Stanley Tucci, T’Nia Miller, Álvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa and Karra Elejalde lead the international cast of this fiction that its manager defines as patriotic and in which there is also space for love between two ideologically opposed people. “I believe in the mix. It is not good that we are each entrenched in our bubble,” he defended.

Plus: Amenábar presents ‘La Fortuna’, his first and “patriotic” series: “It is not good to entrench ourselves in our bubble”

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