Sunday, October 24

The Tenants Union sends a cake to Idealista for the anniversary of the Catalan rent regulation

The Tenants Union has decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the Catalan rental regulation by playing a joke on the Idealista ad portal, one of the biggest opponents of the law. The activists sent the company a cake in the shape of a house and with 5.5% drawn, the figure that corresponds to the decrease in the average rental price in those Catalan municipalities where the regulations apply.

The cake, which is a ‘carrot cake’, was sent to Idealista’s offices through the courier company Mensakas. “The cover is made of fondant, which highlights the sweetness of this victory against speculation, and the -5.5% that presides over the house highlights the drop in prices ”, the Union activists have published sarcastically this Thursday.

The Tenants Union has accused Idealista of “boycotting” the rental price regulation and recalled that they have a file opened by the Generalitat, along with four other real estate portals, for not complying with the regulation in their advertisements.

The law that limits the price of rents was one year old this Wednesday in Catalonia. The regulation, which affects 61 municipalities -those considered stressed-, establishes that the monthly payments of the new contracts cannot exceed what the price index marks and even have to be lowered if they are much higher. Since it came into force, the rate of contracts signed has not slowed, although the sector warns of a drop in supply, and prices have been falling.