Thursday, October 6

The third-generation iPhone SE would soon enter production | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple could be working on a new iPhone SE, a third generation of the most compact iPhone they have for sale. According to a Chinese media outlet, mass production of the new phone would begin very soon.

According My Drivers, this new iPhone SE could soon reach the public. And the reports from the production chain say that in a short time a test will be carried out: the manufacture of a few units just to test the line from which the equipment that reaches the users will come out.

The same rumors say that this third-generation iPhone SE would not be much different in design from the most recent one, launched in 2020. In harder data, this means that the screen will be a 4.7-inch Retina and will have a physical button for the Home, a almost dated design inside Apple.

Meanwhile, the processor will be Apple’s A15 chip and the camera will continue to have a single 12 MP sensor, although now an improved one will be included that, consequently, will deliver better images. It will also be compatible with 5G, while the RAM will increase from 3 GB of the previous model to 4 GB.

The tentative window for the launch of the new iPhone SE could be around March or April 2022 (the previous model arrived in April 2020), although for now Apple has not said anything official. What’s more, the existence of that phone has not even been recognized beyond the few rumors that exist so far. Either way, in Mac rumors indicate that the arrival of the new iPhone SE could spell the end of the iPhone mini.

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