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The three values ​​of the Continuum that will surprise after their results

As we face the final stretch of the year, many investors are preparing to review their portfolios and enter into them securities with potential.

In the opinion of the analysts, in this redesign we should not limit ourselves to betting on the listed IBEX 35. They recommend looking outside the selective and focus on three values ​​of the Continuous Market: Baviera Clinic, Realia and Tubos Reunidos, with a good evolution in the stock market during the year and results that have pleasantly surprised the markets.

Baviera Clinic

The ophthalmology and aesthetic medicine group has obtained a profit of 21.86 million euros in the first nine months of the year, almost tripled profits achieved in the same period of 2020.

its turnover grew 51.6 percent, to 124.9 million, and it was in the Spanish market where it rose the most, 58.1 percent, with sales of 84.4 million.

The gross operating profit (ebitda) increased by 87.2 percent, up to 40.7 million euros, of which 27.3 million corresponded to Spain, a result that practically doubled that of 2020.

Other points in its favor are that it reduced its bank financial debt by 4.46 million euros, to 11.9 million, and that it has decided to distribute a dividend on account of the result of the financial year 2021 for a unit fixed amount of 0.5 euros gross for each share, to be paid on December 23.

A good year

All these factors make Clínica Baviera one of the values ​​of the Continuous Market that analysts are betting on the most. This is the case of Sergio Avila of IG, maintains that “after a small downturn suffered in 2020 by the company, with a slight drop in income and profits that did not pass to seniors, 2021 is being very good for it.”

Consider that “the company is online to keep improving results and therefore can positively surprise in the last trimester. “

The members of the consensus of analysts consulted by have the same opinion. 100 percent of them recommend buying the value, which it rises 46 percent in the year in the stock market, with its share price climbing to 20.60 euros.


Another value of the Continuum that analysts choose after knowing their results is Realia, whose earnings multiplied by 16 at the end of the third quarter.

The real estate group obtained a net profit of 33.17 million of euros from January to September, while the profit before tax increased to 58.5 million, compared to the 4.65 obtained in the same period of the previous year.

This escalation was caused by the improvement in the gross margin of all business areas, together with the application and net reversal of provisions and the variation in the valuation of real estate investments, which had a fair value of 21.45 million in September, this year, compared to losses of 19.08 million in the same period of 2020.

The group’s total income was 106.99 million euros from January to September, compared to 69.34 million in the same period of 2020, which represents a growth of 54.3 percent.

A rising value

In Sergio Ávila’s opinion, “all these figures together with the good prospects for improvement that the company presents for the last quarter could drive the value up.”

The consensus of finance analysts consulted is of the same opinion, if one takes into account that the 100 percent recommend to buy the value.

They give it a target price of 1.05 euros, from the 0.77 euros at which it trades hourly, and place its return potential at 36.4 percent. So far this year it has gone up in the stock market by 12.94 percent.

Assembled Pipes

The seamless pipe manufacturer industrial group attracts experts, despite the fact that its latest results presented showed losses of 45.3 million euros at the end of the first half, similar to those it had in the same period of 2020, which they were estimated at 45.7 million.

The data that has convinced analysts that Tubos Reunidos is a value with potential is its portfolio for new orders, which has recovered, reaching in June 109 million euros, 56 percent more of the hiring achieved at the end of last year.

Another point in its favor are the investments it plans to make worth 60 million euros until 2026, after receiving 112.8 million euros from SEPI’s Solvency Fund for Strategic Companies, which have improved its solvency and financial situation .

Rise in raw material prices

Darío García, XTB analyst, considers that “the high volatility of its sector, together with the increase in the prices of raw materials have allowed this listed company to obtain good results.”

Another of its strengths, according to García, is that “it takes advantage of new industrial corporate strategies to offer niche products and services.”

Is he second value that rises the most in the Continuous Market so far this year, more than one 85 percent, with the price of its share at 0.38 euros.

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