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The tiny Game Boy that takes the “portable” to another level | Digital Trends Spanish

If we talk about portable consoles, the one that leads the list today is the Nintendo Switch. However, it is nowhere near as small as a new device called Thumpy, which takes the term “portable” to another level.

It is a Game Boy that is no larger than a stamp and that has a tiny screen and controls. In addition, it can also be used as a keychain.

This small console, which has a directional pad and two buttons, measures 29.5 x 18 x 8.5 mm. It integrates a 72 x 40 pixel OLED monochrome screen and inside it contains a Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor with 2 MB of memory. In addition, it offers a battery life of approximately two hours.

The device, in charge of the company specialized in small electronic kits TinyCircuits, was presented at Kickstarter, where in less than two hours he exceeded the goal of $ 15,000 dollars that was requested for the project.

It should be noted that this “playable keychain” is not licensed by Nintendo, so it does not include games from its franchises, such as The legend of zelda or Super Mario. But it does integrate five open source games: three inspired by Asteroids, Tetris and Snake, respectively, a dungeon adventure and a side-scrolling platform.

With the micro-USB cable, which is used to charge the console, you can access the games and also connect two Thumbys to enjoy them in multiplayer mode.

Actually, due to its size, this console would be more comfortable to play an insect than a human. But for the price – $ 19 for the gray version, $ 24 for a blue or pink, and $ 35 for the special gold edition – this piece is worth getting, in case you like to collect curios.

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